What is Invest Success?

Invest Success is training for

the Real Estate Investor.

Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned investor, or you are branching out into a real estate niche, we have something for you.

Invest Success is a Colorado-based Training and Property Investing Company. We buy, we sell, we rent, we rent to own, we mentor, we teach, we find terrific deals and pass them on to investors.

Training is our specialty. We do it well.  We consider ourselves “jacks-of-all-trades” as we surround ourselves with Subject Matter Experts.  There is so much to learn!  We find it’s what you DON’T KNOW that hurts you; how do you know that?  Check out our monthly training classes.  Check out our Mentorship Program; find out why and how we’re different than anyone in this business. Systems and processes rule as experiential learning tools.

Having trouble finding deals? Look no further . . . just click on our Wholesale page. Because we’re in the “business,” we are always buying, selling, dealing. We focus on Bank-Owned properties, Fixer Uppers, Junkers, even pretty homes; heck, if it will make you money, we’re in!

You can Fix and Flip. We’ll help you determine which properties flip better. You can Buy and Hold. We’ll help you with price points. Rental demand is huge. Rent rates are up. Our rental market is getting stronger. This is a wonderful time to enter the Wonderful World of Investing. We can help!

We’ve been investing several years and specialize in Acquisition and Training. We focus on the wholesale segment of this market by using Systems that work! We do it ALL – FIND properties, Lease/Option, Wholesale, Rental, Fix & Flip!

Let us help YOU take the next step towards a successful career in real estate investment. Call Us!


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