Are you “apathetic?” The canned answer is “who cares!” Does it matter?  Maybe you don’t want to be “involved.”  Maybe you’ve become a nihilist, a Camus devotee, an existential poster child. Maybe your social pain points have not converged.  What is your life’s role? What are you here to do? If you haven’t, and most of us fall into that category, give it some thought. OK, aside from raising a family and passing yourself on, why are you here?  To make a difference?  With a person?  With a purpose? To create a legacy?  Why do people determine the measure of a man by his funeral attendance?  One of our greatest God-given gifts is that of CHOICE.  To choose to care, to choose apathy, to choose life!  The choice is yours. Choose wisely!

HUD STEALS for you investors who are looking for out-of-state deals (this is just a sample of potential bargains available; click on link for more information; all at investor status; “IE” means FHA-lender repairs are under $5K, “IN” means insurable, OK, for FHA loan as is);who says there are no bargains out there? These HUDs may “go” quickly:

Before and After: 4 Millennials remodel a Detroit home they bought at auction for $8.2K.

US News gives you 3 DIY house projects to do and 3 to not do:


  1. Landscaping
  2. Seating
  3. Painting


  1. Outdoor pathways
  2. Retaining walls
  3. Large landscaping

Just in case, like me, you haven’t been keeping up on FHA loans, here’s 7 FHA Facts:

  1. Less than perfect credit is OK
  2. Minimum down payment is 3.5%
  3. Closing costs may be covered
  4. Lender must be FHA approved
  5. 2 mortgage insurance premiums required
  6. Extra cash may be available for repair
  7. Financial hardship relief allowed

Aha, the hidden costs of homeownership averages just over $6K/year. Among major MSAs, the ranges from Boston, $9.4K to Phoenix, $4.5K averages for property taxes, homeowners insurance and utilities, items many homebuyers don’t consider when buying a home. Oh, and the NATIONAL HOMEOWNERSHIP RATE is now at 63.7%, the lowest since 1989 (peak was 69.2% in 4Q2004).

Drum roll please. The top 2 cities with biggest rental price gains are… Jackson, Mississippi and Portland, Maine. True, rents are rising double digits in Denver, San Francisco and San Jose but Jackson bumps out at 22.7% increase while Portland is at 17.4%!  Oh, cities with a glut of rental units available (pay attention if you invest out of state): Chicago, New Orleans, and Milwaukee.

Most of you know I love DATA, statistics, charts and maps. Here’s a great USA map on State Home Values!

The latest Mortgage Rates: 30 Year fixed at 3.92% and 5/1 ARMS at 2.88%. Expect investor (non-owner occ) rates to run about ½ point higher on non-owner occ loans. (These are AOL/ reported average rates as of Thursday)


 Summer’s here and the rains…and hails…and floods continue.  What’s not to like?  Hip waders should be standard stock for your auto emergency kit…no snorkeling yet! Our Colorado Front Range real estate market remains exciting as we continue to lead the nation in various “heat-seeking” categories.  We may not be number 1 in everything but we’re in the top 10 in most “good” areas. Our rents continue to climb. Construction may better be called CONSTRICTION as we have a long way to catch up with demand.  Our low unemployment is due to more jobs from high tech to laborers.  Rehabs are costing more. Our days on market remain LOW, realtors are providing buyer tips on “how to get your offer accepted.”  Nonetheless, run your numbers, do your diligence, and make sure your potential deal works. Somebody makes money on EVERY deal; just make sure you one of those “somebodies.”

Bulletproof Your Rentals: Free Mold Addendum included with class. This is a great document to add to your Rental Package, to accompany your Lead-Based-Paint Agreement and your Pet Addendum. Class is TOMORROW!.June 27, Saturday. We still have a couple seats available.  This all day workshop on saving you time and money with your rentals. Over 100 tips! Registration/info HERE.

Coming July 18: Out of State Investing. Registration/info HERE. This sold out last January. We’ll provide lots of demographic sources and help you with a system or two. Bonus handout will be HOW TO VIDEO A PROPERTY IN 3 MINUTES (this document is suitable for immediate use!). 

We’re looking for people looking for us!  Our Invest Success Mentorship Program is ongoing.  We offer LOCAL webinars, house tours, and small, personalized classes as well as hands-on on-site experience.  You will learn where and how to look for deals!  Oh, and our flagship program requires you to REHAB A HOUSE! You’ll have our ear for a year! Amp up your business with custom systems and procedures. Go to our website for more information. Better yet, call us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Call us with tips, rumors, conjectures, deals, and cold cases (we’re thirsty!).  Our next Breakfast Club is July 11. If you’re not on our list and want to be, LET US KNOW. Write, Text, Tweet, Facebook (the verb), E-mail, drop by.  Thank you for helping us help you!


INVENTORY: Inventory flows & goes: CHECK ‘EM OUT!!! More coming soon!!! NOTE: if you don’t reach us with a phone call (303 338-8000), text us at 303 564-1680.

6654 Gray St, Arvada. 3 beds, 3 baths, 1 car attached with carport. Buy me for $240K.

14560 E 13th Ave, Aurora. Townhome. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1 car attached garage. Yours for $80K. Strong rental area.

18196 E Ohio Ave, #102, Aurora. Condo. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Robinwood. Buy for $95K.

8575 E Napa Pl, Denver. 4 beds, 4 baths, 2 car garage. Great hood. Buy for $364K.

1265 S Fairfax St, Denver. 3 beds, 1 bath, carport. Great location. Buy for $280K.

4975 Clay St, Denver. 3 beds, 1 bath, 2 car garage.Lots of potential. Buy for $234K.

350 S Parfet St, Lakewood. NICE. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 2 car detached garage. Yours for $347K (Price reduced by seller).

7058 S Chapparal Cir West, Centennial. Buy this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4-car garage “mansion” for $540K. Great numbers. Great location on over 1 acre close to DTC! It’s luxurious, captivating, impeccable….

Bon Homepetit!


John Fisher

303 338-8000

 QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate – it’s apathy. It’s not giving a damn.  ~Leo Buscaglia


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