Better Not Bitter

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Last week, we discussed getting a plan of action in order to make real progress toward your goals.  But what do you do when you face a set back?   Life just has a way of throwing curve balls, especially when you have it all planned out.  Sometimes we miss a deadline, lose a deal, get told “No”, or just take a wrong turn.  Sometimes, a person leads us astray or lets us down.  These times are difficult, but they are also key learning opportunities.
Every set back, disappointment or conflict is an opportunity to learn.  When you take the time to consider, “what could I have done better?,” or “what can I learn from this?,” you will give yourself a head start on the next challenge.  This is how you get better.
The other option is to get frustrated and angry.  This may be merited, but it won’t give you any worthy result.  You can’t move ahead unless you are willing to learn and grow.  When you do, your challenges become smaller issues and you have fewer conflicts with others.  Basically, life gets better.  Who doesn’t want that?!!
Remember, get better not bitter!
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“Nobody’s a natural. You work to get good and then work to get better”

~Paul Gallico

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