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What do you envision a successful person looks like? Ask 10 people and you will probably get 10 different answers; and, the common trait among many of the answers would be a description of someone unlike themselves. Someone smarter, taller, better looking, from a better family, from a better neighborhood, more educated, etc. Yet, when you observe successful people, you find that they tend to overcome every one of these obstacles.

I love this quote by Gary Keller: “Success is not about the chosen few, but always about the few who choose.” There are so many “secrets” to success that are not really secret.  They are readily available and easy to find. You’ll quickly learn that it wasn’t luck that made people successful, it was a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance and failing forward. Success wasn’t handed to them, it was earned. The same will be true for you.
Don’t you deserve success as much as anyone else who is willing to work for it? If so, then don’t wait for anyone else’s option.  CHOOSE YOU and get to work!
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We see how fast Denver has been growing in population.  Well, 5 of the surrounding cities have outpaced Denver in growth.  Lone Tree, Commerce City, Broomfield, Castle Rock and Lochbuie (near Brighton) have all grown at a higher rate than Denver. Pretty much every city in the metro area has seen a population increase, but these are the fastest growing partly due to new construction, which some cities have a shorter supply of land for such developments.  As an investor, it’s just good to know that any house that is priced right is going to sell.

Here’s a fun report on the wealthiest zip codes in each state.  For Colorado, that’s 81435, Mountain Village (near Telluride), median home value of $905,600. On the high end, California’s most expensive zip is 94027 in Atherton at $6,177,000.  On the low end, Oklahoma’s most expensive zip is 73078 in Piedmont at $196,900. As an investor, I’m inclined to stretch my dollars in the low-end markets and take my vacations in the high-end areas.

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“Success is not about the chosen few, but always about the few who choose.”

~Gary Kellar


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