Are you a “lone ranger?” Do you usually act alone and make decisions in a vacuum? You know your business, you know what needs to be done, and you know what to do?  We explored the “no man is an island” concept in our humanity classes.  Are you “whole” or a “part of the whole?”  Key the music, fade in, Barbra Streisand’s “People.”  Paramount to human beings is Community, that’s how we survived, family, groups, neighborhoods, villages, cities; we helped each other, complimentary skills. So, connectedness, relating, being a part of something, having ties to others, family, community, is HUGE.  It’s what makes us WHOLE. Socializing and networking play a perspicuous part as we connect with each other. No disconnects! No hang ups! Get connected. Find your people! 

HUD STEALS for you investors who are looking for out-of-state deals (this is just a sample of potential bargains available; click on link for more information; all at investor status; “IE” means FHA-lender repairs are under $5K, “IN” means insurable, OK, for FHA loan as is);who says there are no bargains out there? These HUDs may “go” quickly:

First there were man caves, now SHE SHEDS! Pinterest has been the genesis of this latest fad/trend/adventure. Looks like a playhouse to me….

CNBC reports on why homebuyers face a tough spring: competition, bidding wars (Denver shout out), low inventory, more pressure due to low interest rates, higher sale prices, yadda, yadda.

Don’t forget Zillow’s Recover Watch Interactive Map. Terrific tool!

Duplex basics: can owning a duplex save you money and make you money?

OK, staging helps sell the house. Here’s how you can look beyond the staging! See how you can “see through” the staging!

Just in case you DON’T know it all: 13 things no one tells you about owning a home!

  1. Your leisurely weekends will disappear in endless hours of housework (the lawn mowing video is PRICELESS!)
  2. You’ll care what the neighbors think of you
  3. Real estate taxes will eat up your spending cash
  4. You have never cleaned so much in your life
  5. The sound of someone scraping their chair on the floor or banging into the wall will make you cringe
  6. You will wake up and realize that buying this home has turned you into your parents
  7. Cleaning the gutters is a very real thing
  8. You’ll never stop looking at the real estate market
  9. Things will break. And they are really expensive to fix
  10. You will have to pay for water. And for someone to take away your garbage, too
  11. You won’t be able to do everything at once
  12. The work is NEVER done
  13. You will be a slave to your property, but you’ll be ever so grateful to be home

Remember what Dorothy said: “there’s no place like home!” (repeat thrice)

Click here to find out the best color for your bedroom. (hint: it’s not a Rolling Stones song title)

Redfin says our market is hot but WATCHOUT!  Higher rates are coming (repeat thrice).

Here are cute videos from Huffingtonpost and Allstate Insurance on the 15 emotional stages of buying your first home!

The latest Mortgage Rates: 30 Year fixed at 3.78% and 5/1 ARMS at 2.78%. Expect investor (non-owner occ) rates to run about ½ point higher on non-owner occ loans. (These are AOL/ reported average rates as of Thursday)


Rollin’ like a river. That’s our marketplace.  It keeps moving.  We continue to see off-market deals featured by some wholesalers. MLS market deals remain slim (the number and the profit margin); nonetheless, there are some deals that will make you money.  Perseverance rules.  Rent rates continue to approach the obscene. Front Range Colorado continues to be at the nation’s forefront with all things real estate; we’re hitting record highs with average sale prices, median prices, low inventory, etc.  Keep at it. Do your homework. Don’t forget to explore out of state opportunities.  It’s OK to spend 15 minutes/day on searching for THE ONE.  Surf’s Up!

FIRST CLASS: Insurance for the Investor. May 30, 2015.  EVERYTHING INSURANCE!  Homeowner, vacant property, title, health, umbrella, life, you name it, we’ll cover it! Did you know 60% of all Colorado homeowner claims are hail related? Don’t miss this exciting event. Cover your assets!  REGISTER HERE!!!

Mark this date: June 27, Saturday, Bulletproof Your Rentals, all day workshop on saving you time and money with your rentals. Over 100 tips! Registration will be up next week.

We’re looking for people looking for us!  Our Invest Success Mentorship Program is ongoing.  We offer LOCAL webinars, house tours, and small, personalized classes as well as hands-on on-site experience.  You will learn where and how to look for deals!  Oh, and our flagship program requires you to REHAB A HOUSE! You’ll have our ear for a year! Amp up your business with custom systems and procedures. Go to our website for more information. Better yet, call us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Call us with tips, rumors, conjectures, deals, and cold cases (we’re thirsty!).  If you’re not on our list and want to be, LET US KNOW. Our next Breakfast Club is June 13. Write, Text, Tweet, Facebook (the verb), E-mail, drop by.  Thank you for helping us help you!


INVENTORY: Inventory flows & goes: CHECK ‘EM OUT!!! More coming soon!!! NOTE: if you don’t reach us with a phone call (303 338-8000), text us at 303 564-1680.

2111 S Corona St, Denver. 2 beds, 1 bath, 2 car detached. Use your imagination. Buy for $320K.

7585 & 7599 W 48th Ave, Wheat Ridge. 2 houses! Huge lot. 3/2/2A & 2/2. Buy for $490K. More options….

5015 Eliot St, Denver. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1 car attached. Great for conversion. East Berkeley. Buy for $240K.

4010 N Chestnut St, Colorado Springs. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1 car attached garage. Nice home, nice neighborhood (OK, it has t-lock shingles). Buy for $145K.

473 25th Ave Ct, Greeley. 3 beds, 1 bath, 1 car detached garage. Buy for $130K.

4352 Vallejo St, Denver. 3 beds, 1 bath, and 1-car detached garage, great location. Buy for $330K.

350 S Parfet St, Lakewood. NICE. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 2 car detached garage. Yours for $347K (Price reduced by seller).

1912 Bellavista St, Castle Rock. HUGE. 5 beds, 4 baths, 3 car attached garage. Buy for $385K.

6553 Big Horn Trail, Littleton. 5 beds, 4 baths, 2 car garage on ¼ acre.  Roxborough!  Buy for $440K.

7058 S Chapparal Cir West, Centennial. Buy this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4-car garage “mansion” for $540K. Great numbers. Great location on over 1 acre close to DTC! It’s luxurious, captivating, impeccable….


Bon Homepetit!

John Fisher

303 338-8000 

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  No man or woman is an island. To exist just for yourself is meaningless. You can achieve the most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself. ~Denis Waitley

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