What is the difference between earning something and being given something of value? While gifts may be appreciated, there is nothing like the feeling of having earned a reward based on your own merit or effort.  However, earning isn’t just about reward, it’s about honor and self-respect. The feeling you get from earning something, is almost reward itself.

Success isn’t stumbled upon, it is earned.  It’s earned through hard work, endless learning, risk taking, getting back up after falling, and through adding value to others. The best things in life are achieved with the same kind of effort.  Respect, happy relationships and good health don’t just happen, they too are earned.

Earning your way through life will keep you from becoming lazy, bitter or entitled.  Whatever you lack, don’t complain about it.  Instead, think about how you can earn it.

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Take this with a grain of salt…A new real estate weather report has been issued that median home values in the Denver Metro and Northern Colorado will begin to decrease in 2019 through 2022.  This prediction is based on the fact that wages are not rising along with housing costs.  The theory goes, at some point, demand will slow down as people decide to rent or move elsewhere.

Don’t freak out! This is hardly a “crash” brewing. Medians can move around for lots of reasons. I suspect that the high-end markets will see the biggest decreases. I doubt homes in the $300k’s and under will see any decrease at all; and, homes over $400k will need to evaluated carefully. Know your market and buy right. Don’t count on appreciation. We teach our students how to make money in every market, so we’re ready!

Ever wish you could live in a staged house? It isn’t realistic, but that’s what sells houses. It works for a reason.  Staging creates a sense of order, beauty and warmth to a house.  While a staged house isn’t reality, doing away with some clutter could make your home more inviting as well.  Here’s a great tutorial on Minimalism for Messy People. I’m looking forward to tackling a few rooms of our house this summer!

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“Money is good for nothing unless you know the value of it by experience.”

~P.T. Barnum


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