Think about the last Open House you visited.  These are great opportunities to scope out the market or get ideas.  One thing you probably didn’t notice was the quality of the home’s foundation.

The only reason a person would notice the foundation is if something is wrong with it.  Cracks, sloping floors or a sagging roof are all indicators that there is something awry with the foundation.  It’s very difficult to compensate for a bad foundation. On the other hand, if the foundation was done properly, there is nothing to notice and your attention is drawn to more obvious things, like the flow of the house, paint colors, décor, etc.

We know how important the foundation is for a house, but do you ever think about the foundation of your business plan, your business relationships or your personal relationships?  All of these things are “built;” and, when they are built on a solid foundation of proper intentions, integrity and trust, it will be reflected in a general sense of peace and productivity.  If there is friction, miscommunication or a lack of productivity, it’s probably is rooted in the foundation of things.

The good news is that foundations can be repaired. It can be costly and time consuming, but it must be done in order to have restoration.  Like a house, we want all our foundations to be solid and not distract from the more exciting things of life.

For Your Reading Pleasure

We keep hearing about rising mortgage rates, but to everyone’s surprise this week, rates have gone down!  Can anyone really predict the market accurately? Nope! That’s what makes this such an exciting business.  Some think the rate drop is due to rising inflation rates, but regardless, this means our buyers can still afford more, which is great for sellers and buyers alike.


Colorado boasts some the lowest property tax rates in the nation.  The highest in the nation is New Jersey, followed by Illinois, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Wisconsin. Apparently, high property taxes are associated with good schools, more parks and lower crime rates.  However, we know that Colorado seems to have the best of both worlds!  No wonder we are constantly rated one of the best places to live.

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Evania Ku

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“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

~David Brinkley


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