Is there any doubt that we live in the most fruitful, opportunity rich country in the world? Every July 4 we celebrate our Declaration of Independence, the day we became a new nation. Rather than being established as an empire, dictatorship or dynasty we became a Union based on the core values of freedom and individual rights. This was a grand experiment that required a tremendous amount of sacrifice. 56 delegates risked their lives and their fortunes. They and their families suffered greatly, yet they stood firm on their decision.

Freedom means many things, but a major freedom that was established is the freedom to enterprise – to own a business, a.k.a. entrepreneurship. To give ordinary people the right to enterprise and own property was unprecedented. This ideal inspired small militias of men to fight off the strongest army in the world! Later, the new country thrived because generations of ordinary people got busy exercising their rights to enterprise and own property. It wasn’t because the government offered an array of benefits or jobs. The country thrived because people were empowered to make their own way in life.

This Independence Day, let us celebrate that we get to be entrepreneurs and investors. We have inherited an amazing legacy, and it is up to us to pass this along to future generations.

Have a happy 4th of July!!!

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Millennials in Denver are starting to buy houses and condos at a higher rate than was previously trending. For ten years, the rate of home ownership among 18-35 year-olds was trending down. However, due to higher wages and higher rents in the front-range, more millennials are opting to buy, up to about 34.2%. The average home price is $291,299. This is good news for home sellers, but the tricky part is staying under $300k to fit their budgets. This is not so easy to do anymore.
As far as HOT real estate markets go, Colorado Spring and Denver are ranked 8th and 17th in nation. Colorado Springs’ ranking is pretty steady, but Denver has fallen from 4th place in March. Part of the reason for Denver’s market slow down has to do with low inventories and high prices. Also, there are a lot of higher-end homes on the market, which spend more days on market. There just aren’t enough starter homes on the market. Nationwide, inventories have been decreasing for 24 straight months.

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“Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.”  

~Margaret Thatcher