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Market distortions

This legislature has been busy. Are you paying attention? Find your legislator here and leave a quick message. The doors are opening for rent control, a policy that scores temporary political points while hurting the people it is supposed to help. I’ve already heard of one landlord who just raised rent by $1k, probably thinking, “Better to do it now, before I get capped!” Please don’t do this…it just gives rent control advocates more ammunition.

Kudos to ICOR and the Apartment Association for educating and testifying on this bill. To learn more about how rent control distorts the market see this video. Most importantly, remember that savvy investors will adapt to change.

Colorado’s population rising

Denver County has seen almost 20% population growth since the 2010 census, but El Paso County is poised to surpass Denver’s population given it’s own population increase and lower cost of living. However, so many people like El Paso County that Colorado Springs’ affordability ranking is falling as the population grows. The next biggest counties are Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams, Larimer and Douglas, Boulder, Weld and Pueblo, in that order. Weld had the biggest population growth at 24%. 


“Rent control…is one of those things where people don’t understand simple economics and, therefore, put in for political reasons what will damage the very people it is designed to help.”

~James M. Buchanan, Economist


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