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Market is heating up! 

It’s April, which means the buyers are out and making offers! March activity was strong and the median sale price bumped up to $450k, even with a 26% increase in listings from last year. However, with increased competition, days on market has increased to 15 days from 7 days last year. That means fewer homes are selling after the first weekend or getting multiple offers, so it’s important to price your properties right. 

Future generations   

If one of your real estate goals is to transfer your assets to your heirs one day, you might want to read this article. Gifting, trusts, philanthropic funds and, our favorite, 1031 exchanges offer different advantages and tax consequences. It’s all so complicated! But isn’t that a great problem to have?


“People don’t have to believe in you for you to succeed. Just work hard, when you succeed, they will believe.”

~Stephen Keshi


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Evania Ku

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