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Zillow buys ugly houses

As if there wasn’t enough competition out there, Zillow now makes cash offers to willing sellers. Denver will be the fourth city where Zillow will buy houses and then resell them. Not sure if they plan to fix them up or just re-list immediately. Perhaps they will offer wholesale deals to investors?  Regardless, it’s important for investors to keep up with the times. The market is always changing, so don’t get weepy about the old days. Just keep moving forward!

Attention Denver Citizens and Landlords!

Denver City Council has proposed to require landlords to accept Section 8 tenants by adding “source of income” to the list of things a landlord cannot ask about or consider when selecting a tenant. Some landlords love Section 8 and some hate it. If this bill passes, you no longer get the choice.  Read the proposed bill here. If you live in Denver, call your representative and tell them to allow ADUs (auxiliary dwelling units) instead, which increases the number of units available and keeps rents low through competition. 


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