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When your hot, and then your not

Denver has had its day in the sun and now it is time for other cities to have theirs. The “hottest” real estate markets are now mostly in the mid-west, although Colorado Springs and Pueblo still rank in the Top 20. What does this mean for the Denver area? Welcome to the new normal! Normal isn’t bad. It’s predictable. In real estate, predictable can be a very good thing for investors who plan accordingly.

The secret

What does it take to get started in real estate investing? I’m sure you could write a long list of items, many of them will look like reasons not to do it.  Here is some of the best advice I’ve read about how to get started. It definitely takes guts, but the most important step is just taking your first step. If you are new, or even seasoned, read this short-and-sweet story to be inspired!

Ongoing: Attention Denver Citizens and Landlords!

Denver City Council has proposed to require landlords to accept Section 8 tenants by adding “source of income” to the list of things a landlord cannot ask about or consider when selecting a tenant. Some landlords love Section 8 and some hate it. If this bill passes, you no longer get the choice.  Read the proposed bill here. If you live in Denver, call your representative and offer your perspective.


“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.

~Ann Landers


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Evania Ku

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