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Looking good in 2019 

Property values across the nation are stabilizing and Denver is no exception. We have already seen price decreases and higher inventory in the last few months. By year end we will still log a rise in housing prices compared to 2017, but it will be a lot less dramatic than we have seen over the last handful of years. Even so, according to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report Denver was ranked the #8 growing real estate market in 2019. Check out the article to see what other cities made the Top 20.

Tech and transportation  

Looking beyond 2019, changes in technology and transportation will continue to impact the real estate landscape. For example, home tech is a growing industry, including devices like smart thermostats and doorbells. Regarding transportation, “walkable” neighborhoods may not need parking spaces at all, and high-end neighborhoods may commonly have their own charging stations for electric cars. At least for now, hover boards and flying cars are not expected to hit the market any time soon… just in case you were wondering.


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

~Bobby Unser


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