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Looking for deals under $200k? 

Properties under $200k are not very common in the Denver area anymore, but some metropolitan cities still have plenty of listings available. #1 is Chicago, IL with 15,416 listings under the $200k mark. That’s a lot of houses considering Denver metro only has 7,500 listings total! Where else can you find cheap real estate? In order of the most deals available, the rest of the TOP 10 are Miami, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, New York, NY (what?!!), Detroit, MI, St. Louis, MO, Houston, TX, Cleveland, OH and Myrtle Beach, SC.  See the article for more details about each city.

Balancing act 

As the year closes, it’s much easier to see into 2019. The consensus regarding the future of the Denver real estate market continues to be a growth with stability. That means that prices are still increasing, but not rapidly. More inventory means more competition for Sellers and more breathing room for Buyers. Fatigued Buyers might actually want to start looking again! For Sellers who want to sell quickly, consider pricing just under your best comp to attract the most interest. Investors, get ready for more deals to become available!


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