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Where to flip and not to flip

While no cities in Colorado made these lists, for those who want to invest out of state, this could come in handy: The best and worst cities for house flipping…right now. The “right now” is code for where the frenzy is happening and where the frenzy has cooled. Experienced investors understand that you can flip in any market as long as you know what you are doing. Denver didn’t make either list, which is great! Perhaps our flipping-frenzy days are fading, but that just means that the newbies are getting more savvy or they are moving on to the next idea. That leaves more deals for the investors who are prepared for the next phase of the market.

Global housing market 

We may be in a trade war with China, but the Chinese investor is much like any other investor – interested in a deal and not all that concerned about politics. For instance, even middle-class Chinese are finding ways to invest in U.S. real estate. Typically, we were seeing cash buyers from China, but now the middle class are putting down 20% and getting mortgages. While our governments hash out the details of trading goods, Chinese real estate investors are finding ways to put their money to work abroad. The impact to our economy is relatively small, but it does increase Buyer competition for better or for worse.


“Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out.

~Edwin Markham


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