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What’s in a “guru?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Do your own due diligence” from Invest Success mentors. It’s not a bad mantra — especially in the real estate world and ESPECIALLY when considering buying into a course, deal, or mentorship of any sort. Forbes RE Council gives it’s recommendations for vetting a real estate coach. They recommend interviewing any course leader or coach you’re considering hiring, AND WE DO TOO. Look at the bottom of this email in the wholesale section: “Do your own analysis for every deal! Verify, verify, verify.” If you’re someone who makes snap decisions or gets paralyzed by decision, checking one or two consistent sources, and following the Forbes recommendations could significantly improve your decision making process.

Lessons from a beginner 

Hi, I’m Matt – your newest newsletter editor and the newest real estate investor/marketer in town. I recently joined Invest Success to help with their marketing, and here’s the shocker: I’ve never been involved in the real estate market before. (I signed my first rental lease not 3 months ago!!) 

In my first week, I’ve seen deals begin and end, inspected renals, got a crash course in wholesaling and LAR options, and I’ve decided my personal risk tolerance might be more suited to a buy-and-hold rental more than the fix-and-flip strategy. 

I’ve also seen that the wise investor keeps learning, and nobody knows it all. I hope that’s you. It’s definitely me right now.

Now that we know each other, feel free to say “hi” at an event here and there. I’m sure I’ll see you around!  


“Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.

~Alice Walker



See you soon,

Matt DeMeritt

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