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You get what you pay for 

With prices going up so fast in Denver, it’s helpful to get a picture of what you get for your money these days. Here is what you get for $250k, $350k, $450k, $550k and $650k. The biggest shocker is the $650k house, which sold in 1997 for $108k, and again in 2011 for $348k. Talk about hitting the real estate lottery, twice!  Also worth noting, former Invest Success student Sandy Haworth’s most recent flip was featured in a 9 news segment as an example of what you get for the current average home price of $540k. (Hers is the one with the yellow door.)

Young at heart, in Denver

We’ve been hearing that Denver is a great place for single, 20-somethings to live, but apparently, it’s also a great place to grow old. Denver is ranked 3rd in the nation for the best U.S. cities to retire. This is a little surprising given our lack of affordability, but that was overshadowed by our health ratings. People here tend to be more physically fit, and that includes our seniors. We also have great health-care facilities should the need arise. The #1 city is Portland and the worst city at #50 is New York City.


“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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