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The Millennial Dilemma

As the Millennial generation ages, their desire to own homes increases, which is great for sellers. However, the rate of home ownership among Millennials is lower than previous generations in large part because of student loan debt. This means more Millennials are continuing to rent rather than buy, keeping the rental market strong. However, this pinch along with other affordable housing concerns is causing legislatures around the country to look into passing rent control measures. Unfortunately, rent control has a history of causing housing costs to increase overall, which defeats the purpose and creates a new set of problems. 

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We are excited to announce we have two new mentors joining the Invest Success team! Carl Edmunds out of the Fort Collins/Greeley area and Chris Wojciechowski from Colorado Springs have extensive experience as real estate investors. In the past, students from these areas had to commute to Denver in order to get the hands-on mentorship that our program provides. Now we can offer local guidance and an ever expanding network. Read on…


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