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Instant offers and loosening market

Last year, Opendoor and Zillow started making instant offers in Colorado to owners wanting to sell fast. Well, now brokerage firms like 8z and Redfin have jumped into the game.  I’ve also heard that Keller Williams has started to offer to buy houses from sellers as an alternative to listing on the MLS. So far, the impact to investors is minimal given that they only buy houses that need a small amount of work and the inventory of homes for sale is increasing. Overall, the market is loosening up and providing incentive for both buyers and sellers. That is good for investors who follow the market and make adjustments in strategy.

In case you missed what happened at the legislature

The legislature was busy this year and landlords were a big target. Several new bills affect our industry. Get the full update on our blog. Also, make sure your property manager is up to speed and ready to help you comply. Some of the laws have very specific timelines and requirements that you must meet. 


“There is great adventure in the unknown that propels us to discover powerful parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there.

~Susan Jeffers



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