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The educated edge over the competition

It’s no surprise that homes located within a good school district will sell for more money than homes outside that district. Do you know where that border lies? Are your comps way off because you’re comparing to houses on the “good” side, while your house is on the “not-so-good” side? It’s worth paying attention. It could save you from a bad deal! And, if you want to target an area, why not focus on areas close to good schools? Here are the Top 10 high schools in Colorado. Some of them are charter schools, which usually do not have a defined district, so just being within a 15 min commute can boost the property’s desirability. 

Mortgage rates rising

Mortgage rates have reached 4.66%, a seven year high. Will they go higher? Probably. Even so, rates are still historically low, which means the impact will be minor. However, it does mean that fewer refinances are taking place. 

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The psychology of a successful real estate investor

What separates the successful investor from the unsuccessful investor? It may only be a matter of avoiding common mistakes, doing a little extra and getting out of your comfort zone. This article gives 7 tips for protecting yourself in real estate investing. Make sure you develop clear objectives and stick to them if you want to come out ahead.



“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.”

~George Lorimor


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