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From HOT to NOT

Several neighborhoods in the Metro Denver area are experiencing a drop in value from last year while others are still appreciating. Generally speaking, the higher priced areas are depreciating while more “affordable” areas are stable or appreciating. Check the map to see each area. There are a lot of newbie investors out there paying too much for their deals thinking that prices are going up everywhere. Don’t be one of them!

Rent control bill is killed for now

The bill that would remove barrier for rent control made it all the way through the State House and a Senate committee before it was “laid over.” This means there won’t be a vote this year, but it will likely make a comeback next year. This is victory for now, but it’s not over. Landlords are still a big target, and there are more bills in the pipeline. Read about all the bills affecting our industry on our blog.


“Think of things not as they are, but as they might be. Don’t merely dream- but create.”

~Robert Collier



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