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Searching for greener pastures

Denver residents have found it difficult to “move up” while remaining in the same city. This is one of the reasons we have had a low inventory of houses for sale in the metro area. This year, inventories have started to rise and that seems to be a continuing trend this Fall. Where are these Sellers going? There’s good reason to believe they are moving to Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, as well as elsewhere in the metro area. Also, there were more outbound searches (Denverites looking to move out) than inbound searches (people looking to move into Denver). That means that Denver home prices are not likely to keep going up, but are more likely to stabilize in the next few years. 

Not just a “house flipper”

According to, the term “house flipper” doesn’t do justice to what these real estate developers really are – entrepreneurs. The TV shows don’t help either. All is wrapped up in a convenient 60 minutes. “BUY-FIX-SELL” may be conceptually easy to understand, but the implementation of a successful real estate development is a lot more complicated than anyone expects. Even seasoned investors are constantly running into new challenges and learning new techniques. This is why Invest Success was created, to guide people through the process and help them to develop the savvy needed to be successful in this entrepreneurial endeavor. 


“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

~Peter Drucker


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Evania Ku

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