Good Enough

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One of my favorite phrases is “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Sometimes you find a deal that meets your criteria, but you wish it were just a little better, or a little less work, or in a better location, etc.  You can easily talk yourself out of a good opportunity simply because the deal isn’t “perfect,” by your own definition.

It’s important to have standards, but being too rigid in those standards can cost you money.  If the deal is on the low end of your scale, but still within range, don’t second guess or drag your feet, jump on it!  A good-enough-deal is still a deal.
Next time you’re on the fence about a deal, ask yourself, “Should I be picky or is this deal good enough?” Oftentimes, those good-enough-deals add up to more-than-enough in your bank account!
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Some are concerned that the bank’s are relying too heavily on real estate loans and mortgage-backed securities. There tends to be a correlation between the booms and busts of the housing market and the overall economy. We remember all too well the last time the housing market crashed and economists are always trying to predict the next crash.  Eventually, they’ll be right!  Regardless, there is money to be made no matter the direction of the market.  The secret is to position yourself well for both the ups and the downs.

A few months ago at the John Fisher Breakfast Club, we discussed the millennial generation and if they would actually get out of their parent’s basements and start buying houses, or just rent.  Well, it appears they are surprising the analysts and buying houses. They will likely be the most debt-burdened generation in history, but on the plus side, they aren’t afraid of a challenge!

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“To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there’s no such thing as perfect.”

~Alexander Calder

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