Fisher Friday Flyer – July 29 2016,


Integrity has become my new favorite word! Why? I’ve been a real estate agent since 2004 and seen some amazing things. As investors we often have a reputation of being shady, dishonest or not truthful. Investors can stretch the truth, put out false numbers or do things that are over the line. Is this true? Yes, sometimes people put numbers together to fit their needs, sometimes they just don’t know what they’re doing and other times they do it on purpose.

Over the last year I’ve met a couple of the most honest and integral people, starting with John Fisher. With John, he always told you straight what was going on. Justin Walker is another example of integrity! He helped me continue to grow Invest Success and The Breakfast Club. He is one of the most honest men I know.

To continue on this line of amazing people I want to introduce my new partners in Invest Success, Vince and Evania Ku. Vince and Evania embody the word integrity. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the team and I’m excited about working with them. Please welcome them and feel free to ask them any questions!   

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All those apartments being built?

How many of you think Denver is being over built and they’re too many apartments coming on line? The truth is 60% of those apartments coming online are in the top tier of rents. The average rent for those apartments is $2,060 per month. Will that make an impact on us investors? I don’t think so. Can we as investors take advantage of that? I think so, now is the time to think about building renter friendly apartments! Read the article


Self Directed IRA’s Can you by real estate in them?

This is a great article especially for you lawyer types. The article basically says you can perform the duties within your self-directed that most fix and flip people do. You can find property, asses it’s value, coordinate workers, over see progress, review payments and sell the properties. I’m not sure if we knew that before. Now that a case has been heard in court it gives us a better idea of what can be done.


The latest Mortgage Rates: 30 Year fixed at 3.26% and 5/1 ARMS at 2.66%. Expect investor (non-owner occ) rates to run about ½ point higher on non-owner occ loans. (These are AOL/ reported average rates as of Thursday) There was very little change from last week. These rates are still amazing.


Ok! Take a deep breath!!!! Wow I think we’ve settled in to a summer pattern, at least for 2 weeks in a row we haven’t seen a huge change. With end of summer vacations planed and kids going back to school I think we’ll continue to see numbers stay like this for the next few weeks.

Stats are from REColorado and are for their whole listing area based on the last 7 days from Thursday.


New Listing – 1453 (1491 Last week)

Under Contract – 1705 (1793 last week)

Sold – 1457 (1497 last week)


Earn a Referral Fee!!!

Our Invest Success Mentorship Program is ongoing and we are signing up more students. We will pay a $500 referral fee to anyone who introduces a new student to our program.  Tell your friends. We offer LOCAL webinars, house tours, and small, personalized classes as well as hands-on on-site experience.  You will learn where and how to look for deals!  Oh, and our flagship program requires you to REHAB A HOUSEYou’ll have our ear for a year! Amp up your business with custom systems and procedures. Go to our website for more information. Better yet, call us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Call us with tips, rumors, conjectures, deals, and cold cases (we’re thirsty!).  If you’re not on our list and want to be, LET US KNOW. Write, Text, Tweet, Facebook (the verb), E-mail, drop by.  Next Breakfast Club is Aug. 13, 2016 at Poppies. We start at 7:00am. Bring a friend or family member!


INVENTORY: Inventory flows: CHECK ‘EM OUT!!! More coming soon!!! NOTE: if you don’t reach us with a phone call (303 338-8000), text us at 303-517-9197.

1550 Eppinger Blvd, Thornton, CO 80229  3 beds, 2 baths. 1 car detached garage. Buy for $205K!

8721 Cheryl Drive, Denver, CO 80229 3 beds, 1 bath. 2 car attached garage. Yours for $235K!

4807 South Xenophon Way, Morrison, CO 80465 4 beds, 2 baths. 2 car attached garage. Buy for $280K!

3400 South Hudson Way, Denver, CO 80222 4 beds, 1 bath. Buy for $285K!

3492 West Center Avenue, Denver, CO 80219 2 beds, 1 baths. 2 car detached garage. Only $165K!

2966 Glencoe Street, Denver, CO 80207 2 beds, 1 bath. 1 car attached garage. Yours for $315K!

2735 Fillmore Street, Denver, CO 80205  2 beds, 1 bath. 1 car detached garage. Buy for $340K!

4750 South Mariposa Drive, Englewood, CO 80110 3 beds, 3 baths. 2 car tandem garage. Buy for $335K!

5061 South Fox Street, Englewood, CO 80110 2 beds, 2 baths. With sun room! Yours for $265K!

1635 West Florida Avenue, Denver, CO 80223 2 beds, 2 baths. Brick house near Ruby Hill Park. Buy for $245K!

4590 South Inca Street, Englewood, CO 80110 3 beds, 2 baths. 1 car attached garage. Buy for $340K!

11472 Donley Drive, Parker, CO 80138 2 beds, 2 baths. 1 car attached garage. Yours for $245K!

780 Nickel Street, Broomfield, CO 80020 3 beds, 2 baths. 2 car attached garage. Buy for $267K!

9981 Bluegrass Street, Firestone, CO 80504  3 beds, 2 baths. 3 car attached garage. Buy for $375K!


See you on Monday,


Tim Emery

303 338-8000



QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. You can’t buy it, You can have all the money in the world, but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing” Henry  Kravis

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