Journey vs. Destination

Journey vs. Destination

How do you define success? Everyone has their own definition, but a common thread  is a particular scene, with a time and location.  We look forward to the day that we “arrive” at this destination called Success.

However, perhaps success isn’t a destination at all.  Instead, try thinking of success as a journey. Achievement is great, but what if you lose your integrity or relationships along the way? Your success could become nothing but a shallow victory. Instead, use your dream or goal as motivation WHILE focusing on growing your integrity and deepening your relationships along the way.

Focus on becoming the person you want to be more than the outcome you want to have. When you get the journey right, the destination is just a bonus.

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Colorado Springs and Denver are rated for having the most financed home flips in the nation.  I’m not sure that is anything to celebrate… We don’t have the most flips in the nation, that would be D.C. Nor do we have the highest returns on flips, that would be the state of Pennsylvania. No, we just have the most FINANCED flip deals going on. Oh well, at least we are getting great terms from our lenders!


You’ve heard of the Tiny House movement. Well, how about the Tiny Target Store? Several small-format Target stores are going to be opening up around the country, with the first coming to 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver next year. Apparently, as our city gets bigger, our stores get smaller, hehe.

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“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”  ~Arthur Ashe



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