You’ve probably heard that the breakfast club is moving to Dazzle’s new location downtown in the historic Baur building. Do old buildings catch your eye like they do mine? I often marvel at the detail and charm of historic buildings, especially when there is a great story behind them.

Some things were built to last. In 1870, German immigrant Otto Baur started Denver’s first catering company serving the likes of Molly Brown and other newly rich miner families. The following year, his company invented the first Ice Cream Soda. Baur traveled the world to study confections and brought back the best candies and chocolates to Denver. The Baur name became known for quality and excellent service. However, his success was also attributed to his civic involvement and generosity toward his employees and the poor. He died in 1904, but his successors carried on his legacy. The company survived through the great depression and two world wars. Baur company eventually dissolved in 1969, just shy of 100 years.


Companies built on integrity and good will have a tendency live on beyond the originator’s lifetime. Think of John Fisher and the reason why the Breakfast Club and Invest Success continue to thrive. This is a group of great minds with big hearts. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

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Is this the new normal in real estate? We are getting farther away from the housing bubble that burst; yet, we aren’t going back to our old ways. Instead of moving every 4 years into bigger, better homes, people now stay 8+ years in one house. Many fear this lack of movement will slow down our economy as a whole. However, isn’t this what people used to do?!! Change isn’t always bad if you adjust quickly and find the opportunity in every scenario.


Dazzle isn’t just a great place to meet other real estate investors for breakfast on the 2nd Saturday of each month, it’s also a renown music venue. Learn more about their move and what the future may hold for music lovers and the downtown location.

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“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire other to do.” 




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