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My favorite kind of people are “Make It Happen” kind of people. These are people who always seem to find the time, the resources or the solution to things while others can only find excuses.  One of the most important principles of success to remember is that success is never convenient.  If it was convenient, everyone would be living their dream life.
Success happens despite challenges, obstacles, lack of funds and bad odds. Who then can find success? (Whatever that means to you).  Only the people who can MAKE IT HAPPEN despite the obstacles.  This means taking action, having self-discipline and a relentless determination.  This doesn’t mean you win every time, but in the marathon of life, you win enough to rise to the top and reach your dreams.
This new year, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
For your reading pleasure
Colorado Springs made the list of the TOP 10 hottest real estate markets to watch in 2017.  The criteria for this list was based on high affordability, strong job growth and low vacancy rates.  Why there are still plenty of deals in Denver it did not make the list (probably because we’re getting crazy expensive). Investors who are able might want to start scoping out the Springs.
Even with interest rates rising, it’s hard to find anyone who thinks that real estate will suffer.  Perhaps the Fed recognized that the real estate market is strong and decided this was the ideal time to bring rates up to where they are “supposed” to be, somewhere between 5-6%. According to economist, more people look to buy in 2017 regardless of rate changes.  A general sense of optimism about the economy combined with the millennial generation looking for independence is keeping the market strong for us investors! :)
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“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

~Michael Jordan
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