Mentorship Program Expands Along Colorado’s Front Range

Invest Success is excited to announce that we have two new mentors available for students in Fort Collins/Greeley and Colorado Springs.  Help us welcome Carl Edmunds out of the Fort Collins/Greeley area and Chris Wojciechowski from Colorado Springs.

In the past, students from these areas had to commute to Denver in order to get the hands-on mentorship that our program provides. The systems we teach apply anywhere, but every market has its own nuances. Now, with local coaches on the ground, new students have the added benefit of a coach with experience within their local market. They will also be starting a local “breakfast club” in their areas in order to foster a spirit of integrity and community among real estate investors.

Both Carl and Chris embody the Invest Success spirit, pioneered by John Fisher, to help investors get started ethically and wisely so they can avoid common pitfalls and reach their financial goals sooner.

Carl Edmunds 

Carl started investing in real estate part-time in 2003 and became a full-time investor in 2009. Carl lives in Loveland and invests throughout the Front Range. As a real estate investor Carl has performed exceptionally well in the tough fix and flip market, rentals, lease options, wholesales, short sale acquisition and negotiations, hard money and private lending and as a real estate coach. Prior to his real estate career, Carl worked in the Information Technology industry rising from a Network Technician to senior management positions. Carl also honorably served with the United States Navy for 4 years.

Chris Wojciechowski

Chris is an Invest Success alumni and has been actively investing in real estate since 2014, flipping houses in Colorado Springs.  Chris is a living example of the power of quality coaching and is excited to offer his knowledge and expertise to new investors. He is an expert in analyzing deals, estimating rehabs and selling for sizable profits. Chris is also a licensed real estate broker and has extensive knowledge of the local market. Chris’ background had him maintaining massive industrial facilities around the country, working for professional Motorsports teams and serving four years in the United States Marine Corp.

If you know anyone looking to get started in real estate investing, be a friend and tell them about the local Invest Success program.