In The Know

Which type of house makes the best investment? Most homeowners consider their personal residence to be their nest egg.  If that is your only investment strategy than you would naturally think a bigger house would make a better investment.  That strategy may have worked in the past, but it doesn’t anymore. The houses that see the most appreciation today are small homes. Check out this report from NerdWallet.  For the Denver area 2013-2016, small homes appreciated 12.8% , mid-small homes 10%, mid-large homes 5.5% and large homes 4.6%.  We did see a spike in Denver values in the last few years, but the trend is very common across the country. Keep this in mind as you invest in real estate and shop for your own home.

City spotlight: Thornton!  There’s lots happening along the I-25 corridor.  Not only does Thornton add a Triceratops find to it’s list of accomplishments, it also boasts a light rail line and has a new Amazon fulfillment center and outlet mall coming soon.  The city lines are a little crazy up there (I-25 & 136th-ish), so you don’t know if you’re in Thornton, Westminster or Broomfield.  They’re all getting a piece of the action (like Broomfield getting the next IKEA).  Forecasters expect 1.69M people will live in this region by 2022.  The older neighborhoods will benefit through appreciation. That means deals for investors!


“The greatest warriors are patience and time. 

~ Leo Tolstoy

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