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Hot Zips on the South Side

   On the Top 10 list of hottest zip codes in the nation, Littleton ranked #5 and Colorado Springs ranked #7, the fastest selling zip codes in Colorado. While most of the markets in Colorado are experiencing the Fall slowdown, these two markets boast days on market (DOM) under 22 days. That says a lot for Littleton, whose median listing price is $530,000. Typically, you can expect much higher DOM’s for homes priced over $400k in the Denver metro area.  Colorado Springs’ median listing price is $270,000, which makes it no surprise why houses move fast (at least to those of us in Denver!)

Leading Edge/Bleeding Edge of Assisted Living

   What does an expensive luxury drug rehabilitation spa in Vail have to do with a small assisted living residences for the elderly? One word – NIMBY.  That’s actually an acronym for “Not In My Back Yard” and it describes the way some people behave to stop anything “different” from entering their neighborhood. Assisted Living is a growing niche in the real estate investor community. One of the challenges these investors have to overcome are the neighbors who simply lash out in fear, and sometimes with their pocketbooks. So, here’s the connection: if the Vail Rehab Spa wins in court, this will set a precedence in Colorado that will benefit ALL forms of assisted living. This is great for the small home that cannot afford to be sued frivolously.


Best Halloween Yard of the Year, Star Wars Style
   One Ohio homeowner who likes to out-do himself every year when it comes to Halloween decoration is getting national attention. That sort of happens when you build a 2-story AT-AT on your front lawn! No HOA, I’m guessing.



“Do. Or do not. There is no try. 

~ Yoda


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