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Tiny House Milestone

Tiny houses have been all the rage the last few years, but in Colorado, it’s been hard to find a place to put one since they don’t meet most municipalities zoning requirements. Well, El Paso County has joined the City of Walsenburg as one of the few places where tiny homes are welcome…at least in unincorporated areas (which is a lot of the county). We shall see if other counties follow suit.

Reality TV goes VRBO

There’s a new reality TV show about buying properties to use as short-term vacation rentals. The first episode will feature a Breckenridge property. You know what happened with the house-flipping shows. Let’s see if vacation rental investing heats up as people start to learn how much money they can make.

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Evania Ku



“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; 

it is something you design for the present.” 
~ Jim Rohn