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If you don’t build it, will they not come?

It looks like efforts to limit housing growth to 1% is not just limited to Lakewood anymore. Ballot Initiative No. 66 proposes to restrict growth for 10 front range counties (Fort Collins to Colorado Springs). If this passes, it will likely cause housing prices to rise more rapidly, which could in turn lock up our housing market more than we are already experiencing. (SFH prices in Denver increased by 10% last year, condos by 24%.) Fortunately, it now takes 55% for an initiative to pass, so hopefully enough voters vote NO.

The Underdogs

What a great Super Bowl! Who doesn’t love a good underdog story? The Eagles now have one for the record books. The back up quarterback, who nearly quit the league in 2016 to become a youth pastor, decided to give it one more go. The coach, who was coaching high school just a decade ago. “The Eagles didn’t win by luck, they won by being brazen.” I think real estate investors can appreciate the sentiment.

Speaking about underdogs, the Winter Olympics have begun! Here is the schedule for anyone interested. The Olympics always seems to produce some of the best underdog stories.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you go 
as long as you do not stop 
~ Confucius 


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