For starters

Inventories are up a tad from this time last year; however, in the “starter home” category in Denver, volume is down 26.7%. The medium listing price of a starter home in the Denver metro area is $267,933. (That is listing price, not sold price. Actual sold price is likely much higher.) This is a great place for flippers to sell, but we are more likely to find a deal in the “trade-up” category, with a medium listing price of $394,708. Volume in this category is down only 8%. That means it’s still a seller’s market, which is always good for the investor.

Active vs. Passive real estate investing

Once you realize that real estate is a great investment strategy, you have to decide exactly how you want to participate in the industry. Do you want to work the magic, or let someone else do the work? Lend the money or borrow the money? Here’s a good article in Forbes to help you evaluate which side of the coin you want to be on and why.


“Someone is sitting in the shade today

because someone planted a tree long ago.”

~Warren Buffet


Evania Ku


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