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Half Million Dollar, Baby

Didn’t we say that home prices would continue to rise, albeit a little less dramatically than in years past?  Well, newspapers love drama, so here goes… AVERAGE home prices in the Denver metro area have reached $500,000!!! That’s a big number.  The not-so-dramatic, but more reliable, MEDIAN price is around $416k.  Not that it makes much difference. We’re looking at close to 10% gains over last year already. (November predictions were less than 5%.)  I don’t think this market is ready to taper off. Hold on for a fun Spring/Summer selling season!

Landlord of the Year

California landlord of three rental houses decides to sell it all and move to Colorado Springs. He is sad to break the news to his beloved tenants, so he invites them to come with him… AND THEY ACCEPT!  This is a cool story.  Side note, Californians look at our home prices and think it’s a steal. Think about how much a person selling a home in California can afford in Colorado Springs. It’s like us buying houses in, say, Cleveland, OH!

“To succeed in life you need three things:
a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. 
~ Reba McEntire


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