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How far does your discretionary income go?

Discretionary income is what you have left over after you pay all your bills and taxes.  Here’s a study that compares average discretionary incomes among the top 100 largest metros. It turns out, the Denver-area only ranks 41st, meaning that our discretionary income is below the median, but other parts of the state fare slightly better . When it comes to discretionary income, Texas and the Midwest have us beat!  Want to increase your discretionary income? Don’t move…invest in real estate!

Tax Bill Moving Forward

The House passed their tax bill today. Now, on to the Senate. If the Senate bill passes, the two bills move to a conference committee to merge them into one, and then eventually send it to the President’s desk. This could all be settled by Christmas!  Whoa! The big question for home owners (with mortgages over $500k), is what happens to the mortgage interest deduction? The Senate bill keeps the current $1M deduction limit in tact. Like in real estate, it could likely be an offer/counter offer situation, with a the result being a compromise in the middle at $750k. (But, maybe I’m just too used to real estate negotiations… Politics is a different animal.) The impact to Colorado is minor, but it could make it even more difficult for high-dollar homes to sell and/or appreciate.

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