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Not-YOUR-Reality TV

Many people spend their lives as spectators. They prefer to watch other people live exciting lives via television and movies because their own life is lacking excitement. The entertainment industry is a giant powerhouse of an industry because people aren’t using their spare time to further their own dreams.

I enjoy an inspirational movie or show, especially when it is based on a true story. However, the inspiration is wasted if I don’t learn something and apply it in my own life.

Reality TV is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Some of these people are fascinating. They follow a vision, even when they have a convenient excuse to stay average. What’s your dream? It might take a little effort – or a lot, if you want to go big – but you will find out that you are more capable than you ever realized.

If you start working toward your own dream, pretty soon, you’ll forgo the Reality TV because your own reality is exciting enough.

For your reading pleasure

Where are the buyers? Normally, the Summer real estate market is as hot as the weather. Well, this year may be hot weather-wise, but not so much real estate-wise. Existing home sales have been flat since March.  Where is everyone? My theory – VACAY. Traditionally, 55% of American adults take a summer vacation. Of those vacations, the most popular months are July (51%), August (35%), June (29%) and September (10%). If you are selling a home for more than $400k, ask yourself, who can afford to take a vacation right now? Your buyer! Hold tight, they are coming home soon.

Mountain paradise? Aspen boast the highest entry price for luxury homes in the United States, where properties start selling at $9.6 million. You may not be ready to buy in Aspen (not quite yet anyway), but you can still visit there without breaking the bank. Or you can just go to Vail and hang out with the “common folk,” haha.


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“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  

~T.S. Eliot