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Out of State Investing and Lease Option Series

How would you like to pick up real estate deals for $20k?

Us too! That’s why Invest Success is starting a new education series for out-of-state investing.

Our target market for this series…Cleveland, OH. 

We teach a proven system that includes the following:

  • Identifying target markets
  • Finding properties
  • Funding properties
  • Establishing your “boots on the ground”
  • Exit strategies
  • Closing deals

Series Details

  • 5 classes held April 3, 17, May 1, 15, June 5
  • Flash drive with all classes and Deal or No Deal Calculator
  • TRIP TO CLEVELAND, OH in June 2018 (3 days, 2 nights)
    • Includes airfare, lodging, and 2 meals per day
  • Cost is $4,000 per person
  • Class is limited to 20 participants

Taught by Tim Emery, Vincent Ku and Dave Newman. Dave has purchased over 80 out-of-state properties, primarily in the Cleveland area.


For questions, contact Tim Emery at (303) 517-9197 or temery@invest-success.com