As a goal-oriented person, the mantra “I’ll rest when I’m dead” sounds good.  The achiever in me wants to conquer the world before lunchtime. However, I have learned that rest is as much a part of success as charging forward toward financial rewards.

Last week, we all decided it was a good time to take a much needed family vacation. It’s amazing how getting out of town can recharge your batteries and reset your priorities. For instance, when you get quality time with the people you love, you remember why you do what you do and type of lifestyle you hope to achieve.

You can’t conquer the world with a dead battery, so recharge! Know your goals and invest your time wisely.  Schedule time for both work and play. The right amount of rest will keep you moving forward at a steady pace. Eventually, you want the work to phase out. Therefore, every so often, make sure to remind yourself how to really enjoy life!

For your reading pleasure

National home prices are still rising, even though they were expected to drop a little by now. In Colorado, prices continue to rise as inventories remain low. Even Pueblo is feeling the pinch with only 66 homes on the market in Pueblo West.
Do you look at real estate when you travel? Check out this beautifully preserved 1920’s bungalow in Australia that has never been remodeled. I’ve never seen a refrigerator like that before! A little closer to home, there’s a listing for a house that literally sits on the U.S./Canada border. Now that’s an appraisal nightmare! Does it come with dual citizenship?

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“Laughter is an instant vacation.”  


~Milton Berle


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