The Least Sexy Attribute of Successful Real Estate Investors

The Least Sexy Attribute of Successful Real Estate Investors

“You’re so cool / eloquent / intelligent / good-looking / funny / accomplished!!!”  

That’s what we want to hear. That’s what typically comes to mind when we think of a successful person. However, our mind doesn’t always go directly to the thing that REALLY made them successful…

Consistency.  Yep, boring old consistency. Probably the least hoped-for compliment a person on the journey to success can get. It’s also the one nobody notices, so you won’t get a compliment anyway. Consistency is the little things you do every day that keep you moving toward your goals.  It’s also the thing that will earn you the respect and appreciation of others.

There isn’t anything sexy about being reliable, being on time, returning messages, keeping a calendar, making lists, etc. Yet, these habits, done consistently, make all the difference. Anyone can do this for a short period of time, but the people who do it over and over for a long period of time start to outpace everyone else.  It’s called having integrity and a good reputation.

As an investor, you might know all fundamentals of real estate investing. You can know your numbers inside and out; but without a consistent work habit, it won’t matter how much you know.

Figure out the habits that you need to be successful.  If you aren’t sure, do some research. Get a mentor and study their habits.  One of the reasons our students do so well in real estate is that we help them to develop a system and teach them the habits of finding deals, managing projects and finding good people to work with.

It might not be sexy, but if you get good at consistency, you can get good at anything.