When Do You Know You’ve Made It?

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Fisher Friday Flyer – February 19th, 2016


I’m not sure if that’s the million dollar question, but maybe it ranks up there in the high six-figures. When do you know you’re made it? What does it mean to “make it?” Is it “The American Dream?” What do you think of when you think of “The American Dream?” A house, 2 cars, a dog, a cat and a white picket fence, right? Heck, lets throw in a couple kids and that big LCD TV. Does any of that stuff actually equate to our “dream?” Who’s making this story up? Who has the say? The point of this is that we get inundated with so much crap about what we “need” that many of us actually forget to come up with our own ideas and opinions (this statement is ironic, because this week’s blog idea is inspired after the book “Lifeonaire”).  Our own idea of what we think is virtuous and honorable is crammed to the side so we don’t even know what it would mean to “make it” if you were there. Take a step back, maybe your dream is to have the house, kids, cars and fence – so be it. But my gut feeling is that most of us would take a look at that and realize that in some form or another something’s been shoved down our throat and we bought it, believed it, and don’t even know why. Which leads to a great question that we can end on which quite nicely bookmarks the first question – why? For the faithful readers out there, maybe you get sick of reading that question, but it may be the coveted million dollar question – why? Before you can answer “when do you know you’ve made it?” you HAVE to be able to answer “why am I doing what I am doing?”


Flippers are often looking for ways to make their rehabs stand out over others. I know, I know, in this market it’s not nearly as “important.” Try adding open shelves as a part of your rehab. It can give a cool look and adds a trendy “feature” that many other houses lack. Knock yourselves out.

Four of the “hot” topics in the breakfast club recently have been inventory, interest rates, appraisals, and construction defect law. Apparently they will continue to be the hot topics of 2016 as inventory tries to return to normal, construction defect laws are considered and condos are allowed to come back, appraisal changes due to more licensing requirements and fewer appraisers, and finally what interest rates will do. Lots of variables, if only we had an equation!


The latest Mortgage Rates: 30 Year fixed at 3.47% and 5/1 ARMS at 2.81%. Expect investor (non-owner occ) rates to run about ½ point higher on non-owner occ loans. (These are AOL/Zillow.com reported average rates as of Thursday)


Whew! It’s a hot one out there. Record highs for the Centennial State, it would seem the same for prices. This, of course, is being driven by our jet stream of demand and our low pressure of inventory. But, unlike the real estate market, I’m sure we’ll have some cooling and snow before we get to summer. Get your deals while they’re hot!

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INVENTORY: Inventory flows: CHECK ‘EM OUT!!! More coming soon!!! NOTE: if you don’t reach us with a phone call (303 338-8000), text us at 720-345-8361.

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“Dream” on,


Justin Walker


303 338-8000


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

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