Where does the buck stop? 

So the buck stops here, right? Where? Here. Oh, does that mean I AM ACCOUNTABLE for my actions? Absolutely affirmative. No one else is responsible. Just me.  No one to answer to except myself.  What is blame all about?  Oh, passing the buck, remember…the one that STOPS HERE?  Why? I’m innocent. I’m not at fault if something goes wrong.  Great, if that makes you feel better; it still is a cop out; you say you’re not responsible.  This quote is often attributed to Harry Truman, our US President from 1945-1952.  The same man that made the Solomon-like decision to “drop the bomb” August 6, 1945!  So buck up and “git ‘er done,” make it happen, make the optimal decision that counts!

HUD STEALS for you investors who are looking for out-of-state deals (this is just a sample of potential bargains available; click on link for more information; all at investor status; “IE” means FHA-lender repairs are under $5K, “IN” means insurable, OK, for FHA loan as is);who says there are no bargains out there? These HUDs may “go” quickly:

IMF urges Fed to delay raising interest rates until 2016. The Fed rates have held near ZERO since 2008. Fed chair Yellen wants to raise rates as long as growth remains on track.  The IMF says growth is sluggish and has dropped and been revised recently.  What does this mean?  The stock market will rise and fall based on conjecture and rumor. Ooh, the Fed is meeting, sell. Ooh, the Fed stayed the course, buy. Yadda, yadda, yadda.  How will this affect us, you?  As homeowners, strike while you can with current low interest rates (you can’t go lower than 0% the Fed is charging banks/lenders!). As investors, consider refinancing your rentals. As flippers, you may have a tougher time selling your house if interest rates rise; at least most of our country will!  Don’t forget, IMF is “international.”  This is a global issue, not national; our dollar is strong! Maybe it’s time to buy that Virgin Island bungalow….

Bankrate has an interesting article on Rent versus Buy:

Buy Upside:

  • Might build equity
  • No landlord
  • Tax benefits
  • Stability, esp. schools
  • Build Credit

Rent Upside:

  • Fewer upfront costs, less paperwork
  • Usually not responsible for repairs/maintenance
  • Easy to relocate. flexibility
  • Housing prices falling? Not your problem

Finally, compare appreciation with rent.

Turned down for a loan?

  1. Find out what happened. Most common reasons:
    1. Insufficient down payment
    2. Excessive debt
    3. Poor credit history
  2. Request 2nd opinion
  3. Keep shopping

How much to rent a tiny apartment?  Zillow charts 500 sf apartments in (including Denver) major cities and vacation hot spots! Highlights: NYC: $2250/mo; Denver: $766/mo; Dallas $480/mo. Laguna Beach: $1712/mo; Lahaina, HI: $1350; Myrtle Beach: $460/mo.

Logical advice: 3 strategic moves for competitive home buyers from Zillow:

  1. Find out what’s important to the seller and give it to them
  2. Make your loan a non-event
  3. Overpay for the home

How to invest in real estate without buying property. Can you say Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)? Volatile? Yes. Risky? Yes. High reward potential? Yes.

Maybe you’re just curious: Buying a home when you’re not a US citizen: Immigrant homeowners owned 11.2% of US homes in 2014.  There are cases where even undocumented immigrants can get a mortgage and buy a home. Cash is one thing, getting a loan is another!

Need a job? Go WEST:

  1. Seattle
  2. Des Moines
  3. Gilbert, AZ
  4. Sioux Falls, SD
  5. Fremont, CA
  6. Chandler, AZ
  7. Omaha, NE
  8. Salt Lake City
  9. Scottsdale, AZ
  10. Plano, TX

What does it take to sweeten your chances in a bidding war? Free pizza for life! A Portland, OR man and his mother made the offer…and it was accepted (family owns a local Italian restaurant). Yum.

The latest Mortgage Rates: 30 Year fixed at 3.92% and 5/1 ARMS at 2.85%. Expect investor (non-owner occ) rates to run about ½ point higher on non-owner occ loans. (These are AOL/Zillow.com reported average rates as of Thursday)


May rains failed to quench our real estate thirst.  Our market remains white hot. Inventory is increasing as more homeowners are placing their properties on the market; in the same vein, they are being snatched up by homebuyers willing to do battle to get the deal. Regardless, there are some price points that will not be met.  You can only go so high in a neighborhood; you might say that ‘hood has a CC (Capacity Ceiling) rate that buyers will not go over. That ceiling may last for only a few weeks in certain markets….Remember, our market is an anomaly, a freak of nature that appears to be here until new buildings and construction can accommodate the influx of people coming to our paradise.  As a comparison of population ebb and flow: Detroit was the 4th largest city in American in 1920 with just under 1M people; by 2012 Detroit was #18 with just over 700,000 people (Detroit peaked at 1.8M by 1950); Denver grew from 258,000 in 1920 to 634,000, #23 nationwide by 2012; FYI, Denver Metro was 2.7M by 2013 and is now closing in on 3M.  What’s driving this Front Range growth?  Jobs, primarily, with some influence of cannabis and sunshine.  The Colorado construction trade took a major hit with workers moving to Texas and Arizona in 2006-2012. They’re now coming back (with a vengeance!) and commanding top dollar for their work efforts (you know Front Range is “hot” when green card workers take in $15/hr!).

BOOK IT! June 27, Saturday, Bulletproof Your Rentals, all day workshop on saving you time and money with your rentals. Over 100 tips! Registration/info HERE. Coming July 18: Out of State Investing.

We’re looking for people looking for us!  Our Invest Success Mentorship Program is ongoing.  We offer LOCAL webinars, house tours, and small, personalized classes as well as hands-on on-site experience.  You will learn where and how to look for deals!  Oh, and our flagship program requires you to REHAB A HOUSE! You’ll have our ear for a year! Amp up your business with custom systems and procedures. Go to our website for more information. Better yet, call us. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Call us with tips, rumors, conjectures, deals, and cold cases (we’re thirsty!).  If you’re not on our list and want to be, LET US KNOW. Our next Breakfast Club is June 13. Write, Text, Tweet, Facebook (the verb), E-mail, drop by.  Thank you for helping us help you!


INVENTORY: Inventory flows & goes: CHECK ‘EM OUT!!! More coming soon!!! NOTE: if you don’t reach us with a phone call (303 338-8000), text us at 303 564-1680.

OUT OF STATE  We’ve been contacted by an out of state seller who has a large inventory of rentals he is liquidating. Here are the first two. Note, these work as rentals or rent to own, not as flips. They are rehabbed/rented. Do your diligence with the numbers.

8716 E 110th, Kansas City, MO.  3 beds, 2 baths, 2 car garage. Buy for $78K, rents for $900/mo. No fix required.

521 S Huttig, Kansas City, MO. 4 beds, 2 baths. Occupied. Buy for $67K. No rehab. Rental agreement in place for $$825/mo.


6501 Harlan St, Arvada. 3 beds, 3 baths. Buy for $220K.

6205 W Exposition Ave, Lakewood. 3 beds and 3 baths. Buy for $202K.

330 Collyer St, Longmont. 3 beds and 1 bath for $255K.

161 S Jay St, Lakewood. 3 beds, 2 baths, oversized lot. Buy for $195K.

5015 Perry St, Denver. Berkeley! 3 beds, 3 baths. Buy for $360K.

350 S Parfet St, Lakewood. NICE. 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 2 car detached garage. Yours for $347K (Price reduced by seller).

6553 Big Horn Trail, Littleton. 5 beds, 4 baths, 2 car garage on ¼ acre.  Roxborough!  Buy for $440K.

7058 S Chapparal Cir West, Centennial. Buy this 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4-car garage “mansion” for $540K. Great numbers. Great location on over 1 acre close to DTC! It’s luxurious, captivating, impeccable….

Bon Homepetit!


John Fisher


303 338-8000

QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  This House cannot function without an open, accountable, and independent ethics process; and the molestation of that process by the majority is an abuse of power that cannot stand. ~Louise Slaughter


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