Real Estate Investing Classes in Colorado

Invest Success is the Local Colorado-based Training and Education company with a focus on Real Estate Investing. We mentor and teach you to buy, sell, rent, and lease highly sought-after properties of Colorado. Our local experts help find terrific deals to pass on to investors like you!

Ready Fix and Flip?

With our many years of experience we will work with you to put out a quality product hedging the risk.

Want to Buy and Hold?

You can build your portfolio and reduce your monthly living expenses with less money down.

Looking for a Rental?

We can show you strategies to buy houses with equity built in and that provide monthly cash flow.

We can help you find a great deal!

If you’re having trouble finding deals, then you’ve come to the right place! Once you are apart of our program we will give you access to our massive network of Wholesalers and people who have deals they are just waiting to sell. We will connect you to the best deals, show you how to find investment capital, and teach you why and how to be successful along the way. Maybe it is a Bank-Owned property, Fixer Upper, Junker, or even a beautiful home that is ready to live in; if it makes you money, we are here to help!

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Why choose Invest Success?

Whether you are a beginning investor, a seasoned pro, or you are branching out into a specific real estate niche, we can help you. We’ve been investors ourselves for years, but training is our specialty, and we do it well. There is so much to learn, and we find it’s what you DON’T KNOW that hurts you. By surrounding ourselves with Subject Matter Experts and learning Real Estate from all angles, we have become a collective “jack-of-all-trades.” Our team specialize in teaching Acquisition and Training, focusing on all segments of this market by using proven systems.

Let Us Help You!

We encourage you to check out our monthly training classes and Mentorship Program to find out how we’re different than others in this business. We utilize systems and processes as experiential learning tools for success. Our goal is to answer all of your questions so that you begin your investment journey with confidence.

CALL US TODAY to discuss how you can take the next steps toward a successful career in real estate investment at 303-338-8000 or register to attend one of our real estate investing events.

Start the journey to a better lifestyle.

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