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Tim Emery


Tim obtained his Real Estate Licenses after moving from the beautiful Vail Valley to the great city of Denver. He started his career with Stix and Stones Fine Colorado Properties, a small real estate firm based in the DTC. Tim learned how to be a Realtor by working with Investors and quickly developed an ability to see the true worth of a property once it had a little TLC.

In 2011, Stix and Stones began to recognize the value in building a property management company, so Tim was brought in to develop and manage the day-to-day operations. He successfully grew the company to manage over 200 doors before he left to focus on Invest Success full time. Over the last 12 years, Tim has worked all aspects of the investor business, including finding homes, managing projects, and creating value in properties.

Tim has a love of people and teaching. He is conservative in his estimates and knowledgeable in all aspects of residential real estate. Tim knows Denver like the back of his hand, which helps him in finding the best properties for flipping. He’s willing to ask the hard questions and guide you through the process of investing in real estate!

Tim’s favorite saying is: “It’s just numbers!” “Do they work?”

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Jim Edenfield


Jim served 20 years in the US Coast Guard. He retired in 1999 and began a career in Information Technology.  He moved to Colorado in 2009 for a project with IBM and worked for IBM for seven years. 


In 2011, Jim began his Real Estate Investor journey.  He attended several of the local Real Estate Investment Associations in the Denver Metro area, developing his investing education. Jim attended the first meeting of a group in March of 2012 that grew to be known as Investors Network Community (INC) and served as the co-owner of that group with Katy Fleming. During that time, he worked with partners focusing on foreclosures and probate homes.


In 2016, Jim left IBM and started his own IT Consulting company. When he left IBM, he converted his IBM 401k into a Self-Trustee Retirement Investment Plan (STRIP). With that fund, he started using the funds to be a private lender to fellow investors.  Again, working with partners, he purchased several single-family homes out of state and was a co-owner of an apartment complex in Mississippi and one in Florida. Jim began working as a hard money broker, working with several funds that funded rehabs across the country.


Jim served as the co-owner of Investors Network Community (INC) up until August 2020.  Katy decided to follow her passion of doing specialized Master Mind Groups for Real Estate Investors.  Jim took the membership and started the Realty Investors Group (RIG), meeting in Westminster, CO, at Frolic Brewing company each month. As the owner of RIG, Jim works with investors and business owners to bring together quality networking and specialized workshops.  Networking, Networking, Networking is continually emphasized as a secret to success in investing.


Tim Emery, co-owner of Invest Success, approached Jim in July of 2022 regarding becoming a co-owner of Invest Success. He quickly accepted the offer and joined the Invest Success family. 


Serving in the Coast Guard, Jim was pushed forward with a passion for helping others in distressed situations. That passion is carried over into Jim’s ownership of RIG and Invest Success. Jim fully believes that as an investor, we can help distressed homeowners get out of bad situations, providing a reasonable offer to the homeowner, making a profit on the rehab project, and still offering the buyer a great deal.  Each transaction should be a Win/Win/Win situation for all parties involved. He enjoys helping new investors gain the knowledge and experience to help students successfully begin their investing business.


Jim currently continues Private Lending and investing in Single-Family homes, Apartments, and Short-Term Rentals.

John F. Fisher


John was a loving man with a passion for living. He was happiest around people, talking, teaching, telling jokes, or making silly word combinations. Absolutely unpretentious and genuine, he could deeply connect with others in all areas of his life.

John had a sincere passion for his work; real estate investing. After attending a workshop from a national real estate “Guru,” he began working hard to learn the business in the school of Hard Knocks. His persistence and never-quit attitude paid off, and he began to share with others his “secret sauce.” Teaching, mentoring, and helping others was his true passion, combined with an amazing patience that allowed others to achieve their full potential. Through John, countless people achieved their dreams of financial independence and thrived in a tough, challenging industry. The John Fisher “Breakfast Club” has become a must-attend networking event in the industry. We all looked forward to reading his Real Estate Blog every Friday for the last ten years. His contribution to the Denver Real Estate investment world was monumental, and his legacy will continue through Invest Success.

John’s love of music was imprinted on every cell of his body. Music was always one of his passions and will serve as a special gift to his family and friends. He began playing guitar at age 14 and had bands in both high school and college, playing the guitar, bass, and singing; a triple threat. His rock and roll band, Spoon River Anthology is still a cherished memory to all. He was a member of Last Note Singers Acapella Choir for almost twenty years. His voice had a rich depth to it that words will never adequately describe. He continued to play his guitar and sing, even until three days before he passed. John’s original songs serve as a window to his spirit and soul and will live forever.

John was extremely active through running, biking, skiing, and hiking. He participated in RAGBRAI, a 500-mile bicycle ride across Iowa, five times. He practiced yoga three to five times a week and stayed active with his wife, Lauren, often hiking in Summit County on the weekends.

John lived life with passion and love. His main goal in life was to make a difference, and it is undeniable that he accomplished this goal. His contributions to the Denver real estate industry and music community touched thousands of people, not to mention the impact he made in the lives of his family and friends.

When he was diagnosed with lung cancer on August 18, 2015, it came as a shock to a man who expected to live as long as his father did (95). But John faced his illness with grace and courage.

All that knew him will remember his love and passion for life. He was such a wonderful and beautiful spirit. Heaven gained a magnificent man.

– Lauren Fisher 

John Fisher, the founder of Invest Success, developed most of the systems we still use today. Thanks to John’s vision, we were able to create a program that will help guide many people to a life of prosperity and happiness through real estate investing. It won’t always be roses, but it sure will be fun!


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Vincent Ku

Co-Owner 2015 – 2022 

Vincent has been involved in education since 2004 and is committed to helping and educating people in real estate investing as a co-owner of Invest Success. Vincent has been successfully investing in real estate since 2009 and has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs to enhance their lives through business and achieving their financial goals.

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Evania Ku

Co-Owner 2015-2022

Evania has been investing in real estate since 2009 and as a co-owner of Invest Success, is dedicated to helping others be successful in, and educated about, the world of real estate investing. Together with her husband, Vince, the two have developed a specialty for Fix and Flip properties and Buy and Holds. She has a background in public policy, government affairs, and community relations, giving her an extra edge on others in the business.

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