Alumni References

  • 2015 Jo O’Brien 303 915-7844     active investor, investing out of state also
  • 2015 Kae Krueger 303-579-6949 – Did four flips during year one and active investor, Realtor
  • 2016 Glen Rieger  720-273-7450  – Did 4+ flips in his first year, active investor, Realtor
  • 2016 Clint Macklin  720-434-0048  graduate, active investor, investing out of state as well
  • 2017 Pam Waltz 303-913-5205- graduate, did two flips, and bought a tri-plex. Realtor
  • Jeffery White and his wife went through the course in 2017, starting with no knowledge of doing projects, and now in 2022, they have 13 units and are closing on their 8th property. He has equaled his W2 income with PASSIVE Income.
  • 2018 Katie McCaslin 970-402-9329 Graduate student, made $40k on her first deal.  Over 40 flips in 5 years, Plans to Retire by the age of 40 – Realtor 
  • 2019 Lynn Lenon 303-669-5577 Graduated; she did three flips and bought two rentals in year 1.
  • 2019 Brent Hilvitz 303-668-5789 Graduate, Realtor
  • 2020 Suly and Jeff White 720-951-6868 House Hackers and BRRR Specialists
  • 2021 Teddy Molhan 303-800-7104 Realtor – Teddy started the course and, within 3 months, closed on a project making 60k. He paid for his education and made a nice profit. As of November, he has 62 doors and is closing on 72 more doors in January, all within 3 years.
  • 2022 Michael Rouse 303-931-3763 Made approximately $65k on the first deal
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