Step-by-step real estate investing course to help you find, fund, fix, flip and/or fill properties in Colorado!
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Step-by-step training to help you Find, Fund, Fix, Flip, and Fill properties!

Through the Invest Success Mentorship Program, you receive a year’s worth of business know-how in an easy-to-implement system that will give you a robust plan using proven real estate investing strategies.
40+ Years of Real Estate Investing Experience.


92% of Students do a deal within their first year.


$36,000 Average Profit from
Student Deals.

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Our Students Receive:

One on One Mentorship and Coaching

Forms and Training Manual on Student Portal

Scope of Work Education
Contractor Contact List
Classes & Field Days with Invest Success Mentors
Priority access to wholesale properties
Weekly call with Invest Success Mentors
A Private Forum for all Students and Alumni
Quarterly Networking

Once Complete You Will:

Understand how to estimate the costs of rehabbing a property
Have insight into general marketplace trends: what sells, and what doesn’t
Be able to analyze properties
Understand how to purchase property under a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and the forms and documents required
Create a Scope of Work (SOW) template that address the rehabilitation of your property
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I signed up for the Invest Success mentoring program in June 2016. I’ve successfully flipped five houses since then and feel that I could not have done this without having gone through the program. Tim and Vince held my hand through my entire first flip (which is exactly what I needed) and taught me everything I needed to know to continue to be successful at flipping.

Lisa Robb

Invest Success provided invaluable information and resources as we launched an investment business, originally focused on fix and flips, but have migrated to fix and hold. They were there, with as much hand-holding as we required. Being local, knowledgeable, experienced and very hands-on; that combination can’t be equaled anywhere else in this industry.

Chuck Strauss
Southwest Denver

Joining the Invest Success program was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Tim and Vince provided constant support along with the tools and systems needed to successfully invest in real estate. This program definitely changed my life for the better.

Kyle McCaslin
Southeast Denver

Joining Invest Success was absolutely one of the best decisions we made for our real estate investing business. When you are part of Invest Success Tim and Vince do not just teach in a seminar format and then wish you luck, they are truly your mentors with you ever step of the way. Furthermore, you gain a network of other like minded individuals to ask for help too!

Molly Murphy

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“For anyone out there who is thinking about getting into real estate investing, I would have to say the Invest Success program is certainly one worth considering given the involvement and hands on approach really helping people like myself learn more about fix and flips along with a whole assortment of other things related to real estate investing. I would definitely say Invest Success fits the bill”


Our Team

We can help guide you in taking the crucial steps towards becoming a successful real estate investor, building your portfolio of properties, or even owning your dream home!

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Tim Emery

Over the last 12 years, Tim has worked all aspects of the investor business, including finding homes, managing projects, and creating value in properties.

smiling woman in red sweater with a pearl necklace
Jim Edenfield

Since 2011, Jim has been a Real Estate Investor in the Denver Metro area. He has worked with partners to find projects, do marketing, research and negotiations. With partners, Jim has invested in single-family homes and apartment complexes. He is looking to expand his holdings both in single-family homes and apartments

Are you ready to promote and grow your real estate portfolio?

Our local training and mentorship program delivers a complete, step-by-step system to help you Find, Fund, Fix, Flip, and Fill properties!

Through the Invest Success Mentorship Program, you receive a year’s worth of business know-how in an easy-to-implement system that will give you a robust plan using proven real estate investing strategies.

You’ll learn the most current and trusted tactics, tools, and procedures so you can move past the hurdles of real estate investing and accelerate your success. Our curriculum is self-paced and designed to help you grow your real estate portfolio as fast or as slow as you want! You’ll enjoy one-on-one calls and field trips with our seasoned Invest Success Mentors. As a bonus, you will have access to our abundant library of forms, systems, processes, and more!

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”
– John C. Crosby

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the consulting work?

The consulting is a one on one process. You have the mentors phone number and are able to use them during normal business hours or as appointments are set up. They can help you analyze properties, estimate costs, help find deals and lend you their expertise.

What if I miss a class?

All classes are recorded online and you have access to them. Classes are taught in a 3 month rotation and will repeat 4 times during your mentorship.

How much does the course cost?

The year long program costs $15,000. If the full amount is paid upfront, it will be discounted by $500.
You do have an option to pay $7,500 upon signing up and $7,500 within 60 days.
There is a 90 day course for $6,000. That payment can be credited to the full program.

What if I already own real estate?

Great! We can teach you how to leverage those properties and grow your portfolio

Is there ongoing support?

Once the mentorship is over, you will be an alumni. The alumni have access to all updated forms and other special events throughout the year.

What if I just have a few questions?

The mentors are always happy to help. Questions can be answered via email or in person. If the question is more urgent the students can call or text.

What if I only need advice on one aspect of my portfolio?

The program is designed to fit your needs. We cater the program to help guide you in the right direction.

What makes Invest Success different?

Invest Success has local coaches that have grown up in the greater Denver area. They provide one on one time to you and can help you as a local specialist.

Is Invest Success specific to Colorado?

Currently it is. There are plans to move to other locations in the near future.

Can Invest Success work with clients outside of Colorado?

Yes, but the biggest value is for people investing in Colorado. We have contacts throughout the United States and are happy to work with you in your area.
How do I finance the first real estate deal I find?
The amazing thing about investment Real Estate is that money is the easy part. We will show how to find the money to fund your deals.

Do I need a real estate license as an investor?

No you do not. There are pros and cons to investing with a real estate license that we go through with our students in the program.

What are the best tax benefits associated with real estate investing?

There are many, but we are not CPA’s or Tax advisors and we recommended you contact one that also is a real estate investor.

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