Real estate investing can be a complex adventure that pays dividends if you approach it with the right blend of research and realistic expectations. Many first-time investors dive head-first into the real estate game with some risky misconceptions and aren’t sure what to expect. To avoid these common pitfalls, it pays to understand what you’re getting into and how assumptions differ from reality.

Expectation: Real estate investing is a piece of cake!
There are, no doubt, many less-than-reputable investment firms who try to get clients into the real estate market by telling them it’s easier than they think and that they can make easy money. The allure of a fast pay-off for your buck has led many an investor astray from a smart financial decision.

Reality: Real estate investing is complicated and requires time, thought, and careful consideration
That’s not to say that making a smart real estate investment can’t be achieved or is over most people’s heads. Anyone can learn how to make the right choices for their needs when opting to invest in real estate, but the process does require that potential clients also invest time and energy into learning how they can choose a property that will meet their needs.

Expectation: Only financial experts and real estate professionals are qualified to make money from investment properties.
Many real estate investing first-timers are intimidated by the thought of entering a complicated new industry that other individuals with years of experience seem to have already mastered. While these folks may have the advantage of prior work in related fields, they are certainly not the only people who stand to gain a return on an investment property.

Reality: You can successfully get started with real estate investing – even if you’ve never done anything like it before.
Don’t let a learning curve stop you from unlocking amazing potential. If you’re excited about the opportunities available to you in the real estate investing field, you owe it to yourself to explore what initial steps you can take. Sound financial decisions are backed by education. If you have the time to learn the basics of real estate investing, you’re off to an excellent start.

Expectation: I can’t be a real estate investor because I’m not rich.
When you imagine the kind of person who enjoys the benefits of a real estate investment, you may be picturing a wealthy individual who had buckets of spare cash to throw at a new commercial office building or residential rental property. It almost feels like you have to be a part of an upper-class crowd if you want to get started with real estate; it takes money to make money, right?

Reality: You don’t need to have a six-figure salary or boundless expendable income to start investing in real estate.
With a sound investment strategy, the ability to network professionally, and some education on how to get going with real estate investment – you’ll find the entire process to be far more approachable and feasible than ever before. You don’t need to be a member of the affluent elite to enjoy success in the real estate investing field.

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